Heather's Story

Heather Frazer Boyum was a much-loved and respected biology teacher at Fairport High School and participated in many activities outside of the classroom. She was an accomplished triathlete and, after completing her first half- Ironman, she dreamed of completing a full Ironman in Lake Placid in the coming years.

On Sunday, July 29, 2012, at 7:45 a.m., Heather was struck and killed by intoxicated drivers in two separate vehicles while training on her bike. Heather, 40, had two young children, Frazer and Paige, and had celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Eric, just weeks before her death.

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To keep Heather’s memory alive, Eric, along with Heather’s parents, Graham and Candy, inspired us to form the Heather Frazer Boyum Iron Angel Memorial Fund. If you are interested in donating to this fund, please select the donate link below.