Past Grants

  • December 2016

    Board members acted as Holiday Elves and anonymously delivered seven $50 gift cards to deserving people in our community. We had a blast giving these gift cards to these people - and hearing how they re-acted from our messengers was the best!
  • September 2016

    Heather Frazer Boyum Iron Angel Memorial Foundation donated $1000 Zaire and his Mom, Tamara, to purchase new sneakers for inner city children for the school year.
  • Christmas 2015

    Iron Angel grant provided Christmas decorations and a tree to a military family who's Christmas boxes were lost in a move from out of state. We were SO happy to help this family! Their children received the surprise of a lifetime when they saw their house decorated for Christmas...and then had their Dad come home from overseas for the holidays!
  • November 2016

    We gave $360 to a MS patient who needed medical equipment that her insurance wouldn’t cover. Her Doctor applied for the grant on her behalf.
  • Spring of 2016

    We were made aware of a sad situation right here in our community. Three young children lost their Mother and then were placed in their Grandmother's care. Their Grandmother did not work. The oldest of the 3 children went to school and also worked to put food on the table and clothing on their backs. Through the Iron Angel Foundation, we were able to provide this family with $1000 towards school clothing, school supplies and food.
  • November 2016

    We were made aware of a woman named Shelia. Sheila had a double mastectomy for breast cancer followed by chemotherapy and radiation. She was working 3 jobs and provided the primary financial support for her two teenage sons. She was making monthly payments on her medical bills of more than $3,000. We provided Shelia with a $1,000 grant and a gift card to Wegmans for the holiday season.